Title: M. Session

Description: M. Session is OURO Collective’s first creation. Working on the amalgamation of hip hop, breaking, popping, waacking and contemporary dance as they explore creating their own unique hybrid of movement vocabulary was their main intention for this piece. This work also draws inspiration from the captivating work of photographer, Jourdan Tymkow.

Running time: 16 minutes
Choreography: OURO Collective
Number of dancers: 5
Mentor: Amber Funk Barton
Residency: Bridge and Enrich Lives Society
Supported by: BC Arts Council

Performance History:
September 2015: Orpheum Annex (New Works Season Launch ), Vancouver, BC
July 2015: Dancing on the Edge, Vancouver, BC
May 2015: BC Buds Spring Festival , Vancouver, BC
May 2015: OURO Collective Performance/Gathering – Kits House, Vancouver, BC
April 2015: Launch: The Dance Lab Project, Vancouver, BC
November 2014: Embedded Memory – Serpens Gallery, Vancouver, BC