Our 2020 and 2021 oFuro International Summer Intensives have been cancelled due to COVID-19 and restrictions on international travel. We are aiming to bring back the program August 2022. Check this page for updates.

oFuro International Summer Intensive 2019 — Aug 26-31

Spend one week with OURO Collective members and renowned guest artists to train in classes ranging from ballet, pointe, contemporary, various street dance styles, yoga and nutrition. This program is for the advanced dancer who wants a unique dance experience that will lead to reaching their full potential, opening up new ideas in movement patterns and healthy lifestyle approaches. OURO believes in educating and building strong, informed, healthy dancers with a focus on various modalities/training to benefit the whole body.

昨年度好評に付き今年も開催!バレエ、コンテンポラリー、メンタルケア、語学まで世界レベルに通用するダンサーを少人数制で育成することに重点に置いたSummer Intensiveです。バレエ、ポアント、バリエーションの他に今はダンサーに必須とされているコンテンポラリーにもとても力をいれたプログラムとなっています。今年は3団体のコンテンポラリーカンパニーデレクターが直々にコンテンポラリーテクニッククラスそしてカンパニーレパートリークラスを指導します。そしてもう一つこのIntensiveで特徴的なのはメンタルケア、栄養学。強く健康な体と心作りはプロになる上でとても重要なことのひとつです。このワークショップでは Yoga, Meditation,栄養学を使い一人一人丁寧に指導いたします。栄養士管理による食事もこのプログラムの特徴です。日本人、カナダ人スタッフそして栄養士が常に常備した安全な環境でレッスンが行われます。

Summer 2019 program registration is now open: REGISTRATION FORM

Complete the registration form and email it to us along with an Audition Video (required): Info@ourocollective.com



Beverly Bagg          Ballet Mistress — Alberta Ballet CompanyBallet BC  (Ballet)

Amber Funk Barton          Director of  the response. (Contemporary)                  

Lisa Gelley          Co-Artistic Director Company 605 ( Contemporary)

Rachel Meyer          Choreographer/ Independent Artist (Ballet / Contemporary)

OURO Collective          OURO Approach (Hiphop/Contemporary/Improvisation)

Anita Cheung          In Bed with Betty (Yoga/Meditation)

Cristina Bucci          Nutrition for Dancers ( Nutrition )

OURO Collective presents, oFuro, our youth initiative program. The name oFuro comes from traditional Japanese bath culture, where strangers become family by spending time together in a community space. We aim to bring project, oFuro to students and audiences worldwide.

oFuro performance/creation: we spend approximately one week creating a new work(s) for the community, which is then performed at a local theatre as the opening act for OURO. With oFuro, OURO will continue to work towards our goals: to build youth & community engagement, to provide an opportunity for aspiring dancers to connect with professional dancers, and to bring together various dance communities and the general public under one roof. The project will give the dancers experience amalgamating contemporary and street dance styles thus widening opportunities in their careers.

This video shows our first collaboration with Yarita Yu Ballet Japan, produced by the Japan National Ballet Cultivation Revival Association Representative.

Dancers // OURO + Yarita Yu Ballet

Costume Design // Jean Okada

Music // Kutcorners

Video // Teppei Tanabe

Support // Canada Council for the Arts (Arts Abroad)

For more information on how to bring the oFuro project to your city contact: info@ourocollective.com