7y98D Dance Film at Nowness

Just Dance Series: Nowness

7y98D is a hypnotic outdoor dance counting down the days till irreversible climate catastrophe

7y98d unites two dynamic voices in the street dance community. Ouro Collective and Rauf “RubberLegz” Yasit collaborate with a team of highly skilled Vancouver-based artists to produce a thought-provoking project about climate change interpreted through an abstract lens. “Climate change is at the focus of this film,” says Ouro, who learned all the choreography over Zoom or through video clips, “and we must connect as a community during this critical window for action to prevent the effects of global warming from becoming irreversible.” – nowness.com

The short film is co-directed by Jeff Hamada, director of cinematography is David Ehrenreich, performed by OURO Collective with choreography from RubberLegz.

As part of Just Dance Series 7y98d film premiere is now available at nowness.com. Nowness is a Curated movement to highlight creative excellence in human culture. Be sure to view the entire short film at nowness.com


7y98D Dance

According to the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5ºC, if greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current rate, the average global temperature will continue to rise and become irreversible. Inspired by The Climate Clock, artists Gan Golan and Andrew Boyd created a public art installation set on Manhattan’s Union Square. The clock views a timer counting down the remaining time to avoid climate disaster. This alarming and straightforward installation puts pressure on our society to reverse climate change. OURO became aware of the Climate Clock when it was down to 7 years and 98 days. With 7y98D, we aspire to bring the ‘most important number in the world’ to our audiences through a short film, photo release, ocean and community clean-ups, and a new full-length performance coming in the spring of 2022.